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Will we accept pre-orders or holds in between batch drops?
No, we won't be taking pre-orders before launch. Again, don't forget to sign-up to our email newsletter. We will be sharing the exact date and time our shop doors will be open so you can place your order.

Are the Signature Boxes made-to-order?
No, the Signature Ring Boxes are made in batches and require 2-3 weeks to produce. We plan on having enough inventory on-hand to hopefully keep up with demand. However, there will be very limited stock for the very first launch (this will help us determine which variations are the most popular and help us prepare the appropriate on-going inventory we will create consistently).

Where are they made?
Sand and Stone Handmade is a small at-home studio in Austin, Texas.

Will there be international shipping?
For our very first launch in November we will not be offering international shipping. This is something we will offer in the upcoming months after our first launch.

How soon will orders be shipped out?
All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service. Orders will take 1-3 days to process before shipping out. You will receive tracking notification as soon once your order is processed.